Between 1985 and 1995, Đorđević worked as film, photography and video editor of advertising campaigns at Zastava-Yugo Automobiles. He cooperated with design and marketing departments of BMW, Fiat, YugoCars America and domestic advertising agencies. Đorđević won prestigious photography awards in former Yugoslavia, among them the Diploma of Anastas Jovanovic, as well as awards at over one hundred international and domestic art photography salons. He holds the title of Master of Photography from the Photo Association of Serbia and EFIAP (Excellence FIAP).

He is member of ULUPUDS, the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia, and honorary member of the “Cadre 36” Association for the Promotion of Analogue Photography in Zagreb, Croatia. From 2018 his works are in National museum of Serbia.

Warszawa - 1989

The Night Light - 2014

The City - 2015-2020


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