Imre Szabó

Freelance, newsphotographer

Published photos since 1974

And the question of all times – „Quo Vadis?“, which is also put by Imre Szabó after his long career in photojournalism in Belgrade. Countless images, events, people, and situations have passed before his eyes and have been imprinted on his soul. In order to soften his everyday experience, he seeks a game ’with light and shadow’, without pressure, with optimism, and a positive outlook. Is our imagination reality? Is the story which helps us to overcome the harshness of life? Do we need magicians and clowns in order to keep our innocence and to forgive the mistakes of the past. The photographs of Imre Szabó breathe a calm and a childlikeinnocence, but deep down in his soul we can be certain that the eternal question Quo Vadis? Remains unanswered.

Magda Michailidou,

                                                                                                            Curator of „The Light and Shadows on the Balkans“ exhibition

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