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Biography of Milan Živković

Born in Bavanište, Banat 29. february 1960. Since 1984 Milan started working at the Natural History Museum in Belgrade as a photographer and designer. From 2000 to 2005 he is a freelance designer for Informatika and member of Direct Link marketing department. From 2002 to 2005 he worked as editor of the Photo Gallery of the Center for Culture in Kovin. Since 2005 to 2015 he is Editor in chief of Refoto, regional photo magazine. He is currently working as a lecturer at the Refoto studio and photography school. Also in 2019 he started to work as Expert associate for exhibition and graphic design and Editor of the Archive of photography in Center for Culture in Kovin. - So far he has published nine photo monographs (Banat, Second Dream, Terra recognita, End of navigation, Montenegro trophy – Jeep Rally, Controlled coincidence, Carnival portraits 1 and 2, Ivanovo and The beauty of Kovin landscape - First book: Winter). - In addition to on-going photography business, he also works with moving images where he has received about ten awards for best camera, several awards best film, few Grand Prix awards and an Award for animated movie. So far, he has received four awards at the Fine Arts Salons for airbrush works, graphics, 3d digital graphics and video works.<br />