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Biography of Nemanja Maraš

Prof. Nemanja Maraš / Photographer / Visual Artist - Was born in Belgrade in 1989, where he got his BA Degree in photography from the Faculty of Applied Arts in 2012. - He started working as a fashion photographer in 2007, and expanding interest in conceptual and fine art from 2008. - He has cooperated with many fashion designers, musicians, actors, publishing and fashion agencies, as well as humanitarian and non-governmental organizations. - Artistic part of his personality consists of ten solo exhibitions, one published photo book, a number of group exhibitions and a constant need to explore the subconscious. - As for his commercial career it is an overlapping mix of medias based on photography and video, and exploring the always changing fields of social media, advertising and fashion. - He is, a photographer, visual artist, a professor at The Dance institute in Belgrade and member of ULUPUDS. Always exploring his inner self.